Welcome to “Buckham Birding”.  These birding pages are a collection of my stories and photos from my birding experiences over the years.  It is by no means meant to be a professionally sculpted website as you will note from the quirky formatting issues and the occasional glitch but it is a way to share these experiences with my friends and family as well as for strangers out there to hopefully be entertained by some of my exploits.  I will be posting as often as possible under the Blogs page and I hope to add to my Trips page as well.  Feel free to visit as often as you would like and make comments as you wish.

Please refer to the About page for a little bit more information about me and my family.

This website has a collection of many of my photos and represents a lot of time and effort spent behind the camera.  As unlikely as it may seem that there may be a commercial use for any of my photos please note that they are all copyright protected and belong exclusively to me.  If anyone accessing these pages sees a photo that they would like to use commercially please contact me directly on mikebuckham3@gmail.com for the use of the photograph and I will be able to supply high resolution images for that purpose.

17 comments on “Home

  • Rowan Goeller says:

    Hi Mike look forward to your birding tales and more importantly photos of all rare birds in SA.
    Cheers Rowan

  • Congrats dear brother in law! This looks awesome and I know you have spent many many hrs on this website. You must be so proud. So special that your boys can enjoy a hobby with you and I can see the passion Thomas is developing around it already. Just 1 day you may have to take your nephew along with you as he is desperate! Well done again, very proud of you! Love M-A

  • Per Holmen says:

    Hi Mike,
    Congratulations with an awesome web page. I think the layout is very clean and tidy! The pages are very informative and easy to navigate. Hey, I might even nick your format for whenever I get time to create my own web page :-). I read your trip report from Vic. Falls with interest (still trying to get hold of Darryl). You know that I already copied your trip to Zim on my outing there in June last year :-). I am scared when I see all the time you have put into this, but sooner or later I have to start myself.

    Best regards


  • Margaret Maciver says:

    Nice, easy to navigate site, Mike, and you write so well you make me feel as though I’m seeing it all through your and your boys eyes.

  • Stefan Theron says:

    Hallo Mike,

    ek moet hierdie in Afrikaans skryf weens sekere name wat ek hierbo sien so verskoon maar.
    Ek is so bietjie opsetlik.

    Ek is bly jy het dit gedoen, want ek weet hoe graag jy wil skryf en hierdie is ‘n treetjie nader.

    Baie geluk! Ek sien uit daarna om al jou stories te lees!



  • Chris Patton says:

    Hi Bungi (sorry – I suppose you want me to use Mike on your site). Was out of good reception range when you sent your mail the other day, so have only had a chance to trawl this site now. Great fun to read, especially knowing Jeanie as I do.

    Take care and chat soon.


  • rob wright says:

    Hi Mike,

    This is a great start to many more years of bird watching and a recorded journey of all that you have seen and done. My son Jonty and I would enjoy taking up the opportunities to do some spotting with you sometime soon.

    Well done!

    Rob Wright

  • Andrew L says:

    Hi Mike, congratulations on the webpage. Looking forward to keeping tabs on your various trips and updated images. And for anyone who does not know Mike, he is being extremely modest when he suggests that he is not an expert – just a few hours with him in the field will dispel this notion.
    Mike, how about making an exception and including the amazing image you took of the aardvark in the vicinity of Loeriesfontein a few years back. While I enjoyed seeing the various larks, korhaans and coursers on our trip through the Tankwa karoo, the aardvark remains a highlight for me! Cheers, AL

  • Alec Rippon says:

    Nice website Mike – I like it lots. Love the photos … they are easier than the stories.


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